Who We Are

S&Y Global is one of the most promising trading companies in commodities trading. We strive to become a global trading house by connecting the world with reliability, efficiency and responsibility.

We pride ourselves on involving partnerships with smaller companies as well as major entities. We place great importance on customer value and partnership.

Our story

2014 Established S&Y Global 2016 Awarded $10M 'Export Tower' 2016 Established S&Y Global Japan 2017 Awarded $20M 'Export Tower' 2018 Awarded $100M 'Export Tower' 2020 Established S&Y Global Boston 2022 Awarded $200M 'Export Tower'

50+ Partners 20+ Countries 5+ Offices Sales Revenue in 2022: $500M

Our Services

S&Y Global helps make trades happen. We move physical commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed.

Whether you are a supplier, existing partner, potential partner or an end-user, our focus and commitment to global resources can get you closer to what you need.


Our product experts have the knowledge and experience in distribution, hedging, financing solutions, and the ability to access any markets with low risks.

We provide optimal logistics models suited to customers' needs with competitively priced and optimized services. S&Y Global can become an equity investor through trading partners with long term off-take agreements. Our extensive operating experience in refined metals allows us to provide technical expertise and help customers develop assets and realize their potential.

We believe in our partners and we are committed to our relationships.


S&Y Global is always searching for ideal solutions to supply and provide access to raw materials for our partners. ​

  • Base metals

  • Precious metals

  • Concentrates

  • Secondaries

Our team

Meet our team

  • Michael Choi CEO


  • Joy Park Manager


  • David Kim Manager


  • Hyunji Yang Finance


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